I Am Enough in Christ Online Conference presented by Infinitely More Life

Has work, the kids, and life got you in a slump?

Are you looking to be spiritually refreshed, renewed, and empowered?

Do you feel anxious, tired, or overwhelmed by the pressures of everyday life?

You are not alone.

You just need some time to be reminded of who you really are!

The I Am Enough In Christ online conference is perfect for you! Let us pour into you through a week of spiritual renewal, fellowship, and reminders of Jesus and His amazing love!


September 23rd


Starting at 9 Am Est

What You'll Learn

We are bringing together an amazing team of speakers – keynote, workshops, and more – that will: 

Spiritually empower you – get you ready to head into fall and Christmas season in the best spiritual shape you have ever been in.

Inspiring you to action to get your life jump-started again. Moving out of the pit and into the palace, the life God planned for you!

Enriching your life and your relationship with God will be deeper than it has been by committing to taking this time to come away with Him.

Making a difference in the lives of girls and women around the world. 


A Letter from Infinitely More Life Founder

Carrie Reichartz

We are excited that you have joined us for this awesome week-long “mission” with God. The “mission” of your life!
The thing we most want you to remember from today – GOD LOVES YOU!

No matter what you have done – drugs, abortion, divorce, financial missteps, bad decisions

No matter what has been done to you – sexual abuse, rape, physical abuse, abandonment God loves you just the way you are, right now!

He will never love you any more or less than at this very moment. He IS NOT looking for you to perform or pretend you have it all together.

In fact, he enjoys you even more because of your weaknesses. It causes you to rely on Him.
He is looking for you to look to Him, to seek Him for answers and help. Not seek more stuff, or running to the phone to talk with a friend, food, or any other thing we run to when we need answers or are stressed.

As you run to and seek him, He will lead, guide, and direct you in your life and purpose and you will find JOY that you are meant to live in. Though you will still encounter struggles, life will be a whole lot easier and filled with JOY.

Take if from some control freaks. Fear, anxiety, and depression ruled our lives for many years. There is freedom available! It is found in Jesus through His Word, prayer, and Christian friends!

Welcome – sit back, relax and enjoy all God has for you!
I Am Enough In Christ Team

Why Attend?

FOR A BUSY SCHEDULE: Monday, Wednesday, Friday Keynotes, workshops, devotionals, & more. Giving you time to catch up in between sessions.

Plus a replay available for VIP Viewers.


 Attend each daily session from the comfort of your own home  – living, bedroom, office. You name it.

Get comfy grab your favorite beverage and let’s go DEEPER with God to move to a better life!

How it Works

You'll need your mobile phone, computer, or tablet

Print out the program which we will send out one week prior to the start of the conference so you can get ready for this adventure.

Build Community

 The conference will have a private Facebook group that will open up 2 weeks prior. This will give everyone a chance to introduce themselves and get to know each other.

Spiritual Benefits:

 Empowering you to a deeper relationship with God and better life through enriching discussions, community, materials, and inspiring dynamic speakers.

All of this through devotional time, workshop time, sharing of practical tools to help you in your relationship with God and so much more.

An amazing way to start your fall!  Jumping into the Word, devoting time to God, and developing relationships.


carrie reichartz
Chou Hallegra
shawnee penkacik
Dana Adams
Eileen Slattery Berglund
Victoria Dreckmann
Debbie Giese
michelle gomez
Arabah Joy
Rachel Leigh Long
Angela Manion
Stephanie Miller
Connie Tresedder
Tracy Loken Weber

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What Past Attendees Are Saying...

What I found most inspiring was the raw testimony of not only the speakers but those who attended, including the many vendors that were there. Hearing their stories of overcoming feelings of inadequacy, of how God reached down to them through His Word and His people to let them know they are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made, and they are enough in Him.

Melody Eiblich

My experience at I AM ENOUGH in Christ by Infinitely More Life was full of blessings from amazing speakers, moving and powerful worship, well organized break out session full of wisdom and insight, wonderful day spent connecting with friends and supporting Christian vendors and excellent charitable
organizations that empowered others in Jesus's HOLY Name. Thank YOU!!!

Klee Coronado