In Search of Fame – Joy Trachsel

In Search of Fame
I was traveling to a conference in Pennsylvania when I saw a sign sharing how many miles it was to New York City. I wondered how many people had driven this exact road in search of fame and fortune. search of applause from an audience in the big apple. This dream of making it big is found in the hearts of many. I was reminded that we all desire to be affirmed and noticed but our responsibility as Christ followers is to make Jesus famous. Let’s do that today in our actions and words. Be agents of the Good News and make Him famous.

Heavenly Father I thank you for today. I thank you that you have given each one of us another day to serve you. Father we thank you that we can gather at this very moment no matter where we are and have an audience with the creator of the universe. Oh father we thank you for the gift of prayer. And we thank you that you desire to hear from us…your children. Father I do ask that you be with those that feel a calling to go and be on stage. Encourage those that desire to use this platform as a way to share the Gospel and the good news of eternal life with you. Would you continually remind each of us that our talents come from you? They are not for our glory but were entrusted to us for a specific purpose and plan that always includes you. The sound of applause can be appealing but help us to realize that we serve an audience of one…you. As we go about our day today, may those around us see Christ in us? Help us to point others to you and not to ourselves. You are everything and we pray that many come to realize that you are all that we need. Affirmations from the world are fleeing but hearing you say one day “Well done good and faithful servant” has eternal benefits. We ask this in the name that deserves all of our praise. Amen.

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